Installation of double-flow CMV in Haut-Rhin (68)

You wish to have a purified and tempered air for you and your loved ones ?

Moisture, suspended cooking particles, dust or smoke from the chimney, the air inside your home needs to be renewed daily in order to evacuate all the impurities harmful to your lungs. Unfortunately, we often forget to ventilate or it is sometimes not possible to do so for long enough (cold, pollen, noise, etc.).

Installation of dual-flow VMCs in the Haut-Rhin, how does it work?

Double flow ventilation or “double flow CMV” is based on the same operating principle as single flow ventilation: extract stale air from “wet” rooms (kitchen, bathroom, toilet) and renew it with new air. The particularity of a double flow system is that the new air enters at the same temperature as the extracted air thanks to air vents.

Installation of a dual-flow CMV in Haut-Rhin, what are the advantages ?

The double-flow CMV system therefore allows the air to be heated or cooled in addition to being renewed (unlike the single-flow CMV system, which allows outside air to enter through vents to compensate for the extracted air). The double-flow CMV system thus allows to have a healthy indoor air heated or cooled, allowing a very positive energy balance (lower heating or air conditioning).

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